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    Tuesday, March 09, 2010

    *[[ guess who's back... ]]*

    After almost 10 months, I have decided to finally post an update! After what has happened in recent times, I think I'd probably regret if I didn't do this now! Only problem is, I have noooo idea where to begin! Well I suppose, chronological is most, well, logical..

    Finally I decided to apply for school! Went down to uniSIM's open house Sat and quite fortunately met up with rabbit (XH), even though we would have later that night, for mahjong with isaac and chew! Anyways after much deliberation I opted for English with Psychology. (Now you know why I'm typing in pretty much perfect english =x) Somehow we ended up spending the entire afternoon there, attending talks and the eventual application process via their website. We both then had dinner at Botak Jones' in Clementi before heading for mahjong! Chew owned that night and the three of us lost a few bucks, but heck, you win some you lose some! Mahjong is fun! XD

    Monday somehow turned out to be quite an awesome day. Isaac's friend was in need of a last minute stand-in and I was roped in, thinking I just be a calafare of sorts. It was a video shoot of sorts, for a corporate video, somewhere in Sentosa called 'Wavehouse'. I had zero idea that I was to be cast alongside 4 other MODELS! Thankfully they were nice chaps and though the first part of the shoot was nerve-wrecking, the rest was smooth sailing; we were to pretend to have friendly conversation, but since we were already in conversation, we didn't have to pretend at all! Time flew and soon we were done, and inevitably parted ways. I hope to see them around someday, as successful actors/actresses/models!

    Ben Kok and I had bought tickets way back in Dec and Ter got his too, but his was in the standing arena, whereas ours was in the seats just behind the standing arena.
    Anyways, both of us decided to try our luck at the airport to welcome them, thinking they'd definitely be on the Christchurch flight as that was where they had their previous concert at.
    The pack of fans waiting outside belt 47 was to be disappointed however; they did not appear. There were even a few false alarms too; someone started screaming and the whole crowd thought they had finally shown up, but of course that was not the case. Soon the crowds dissipated, but we clung to hope! Tracy, Ben's online friend had info from Twitter that they would be flying in from Sydney, so we then shift out focus to all incoming Sydney flights. There were so many! Since we were in T3 we decided to wait it out there. About 10 we then decided to take a risk and try our luck at T1 instead, which of course, paid off! They finally arrived, about 11pm and screams of excitement ensued. Sadly they couldn't stay long and were ushered by security to their waiting van. Hayley was soo cute!! She kept waving back and shouted back, "See you tomorrow guys!" after I shouted "See you tomorrow HAYLEY!!" Ben managed to hand her a handwritten letter! I wish I had prepared something like that! Sigh.
    The concert itself was AWESOME! Me and Ben both bought Paramore t-shirts and immediately got changed into them! (I managed to secure the LAST M-sized one!) Basically throughout the show we were jumping and swinging our light sticks like nuts! Even now I'm still having a stiff neck from all the headbanging, and my arms especially my right one is aching!
    The setlist was:
    -Thats What You Get
    -Looking Up
    -Let The Flames Begin
    -Never Let This Go
    -The Only Exception
    -For a Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic
    -Where The Lines Overlap
    -Misery Business
    -Brick by Boring Brick

    How I wish they did "When it Rains" though. Seriously love the intro of that song. But I guess wanted us to 'jump' more, hence, "The Only Exception" was the only slow song they played.
    We met up with Ridwan, Luntat and 2 of their friends after the show and walked all the way back to Kallang MRT, and caught the last train home, tired, but still excited and high.

    some pictures!

    HAYLEY!! <3s!
    That's all for now. I just spent the last 2 hours composing this and its now 1.46am. Need to start sleeping early!!

    chris was reminiscing @ | 3/09/2010 12:26:00 am

    ~.* innocence *.~

    Friday, May 15, 2009

    *[[ ]]*

    She's So High - Tal Bachman

    She's blood, flesh and bone
    No tucks or silicone
    She's touch, smell, sight, taste and sound

    But somehow I can't believe
    That anything should happen
    I know where I belong
    And nothing's gonna happen
    Yeah, yeah

    'Cause she's so high...
    High above me, she's so lovely
    She's so high...
    Like Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, or Aphrodite
    She's so high...
    High above me

    First class and fancy free
    She's high society
    She's got the best of everything

    What could a guy like me
    Ever really offer?
    She's perfect as she can be
    Why should I even bother?

    (Repeat Chorus)

    She comes to speak to me
    I freeze immediately
    'Cause what she says sounds so unreal

    But somehow I can't believe
    That anything should happen
    I know where I belong
    And nothing's gonna happen
    Yeah, yeah
    Yeah, yeah

    (Repeat Chorus)

    sigh. what a mess i got myself into.

    chris was reminiscing @ | 5/15/2009 12:18:00 am

    ~.* innocence *.~

    Tuesday, May 05, 2009

    *[[ ]]*

    kiss me, diss me - home grown

    i dont wanna sit next to you
    i cant believe you called me so soon
    dont try to justify what you did to me
    your just one of those trouble girls
    using me for everything but love
    dont make excuses for what you did to me
    you kissed me then dissed me
    but now you say you miss me
    yeah you used me confused me
    but you dont wanna lose me
    dont talk to me,dont acknowledge me anymore
    im just another score
    i used to be all nice and sweet
    giving everything you want in me
    i cant believe i did it all for nothing
    now im bitter i cant take no more
    dont blame this on your bad childhood
    that doesnt justify what you did to me
    you kissed me then dissed me
    but now you say you miss me
    yeah you used me confused me
    but you dont wanna lose me
    dont talk to me,dont acknowledge me anymore
    im just another score
    you kissed me then dissed me
    but now you say you miss me
    yeah you used me confused me
    but you dont wanna lose me
    dont talk to me,dont acknowledge me anymore
    im just another score
    i would run away from this day
    screw your head on straight so it stays
    dont talk to me dont acknowledge me anymore
    im just another score

    somehow suddenly rmbed this song =/

    chris was reminiscing @ | 5/05/2009 09:32:00 pm

    ~.* innocence *.~

    Saturday, April 04, 2009

    *[[ 69 ]]*

    I FINALLY PASSED MY SOC!! (haha this comes a lil late since i've already "shouted" this out on FB and MSN, but hell, why not?) and by ONE SECOND! hahaha and the funny thing was how i had no intention of trying to pass the night before; watching 4bia with the tankees and slping arnd 12? who knew 5hrs of slp was enough? hahaha. that morning i was still hoping it'd rain so i could take the test another day, feeling lazy and also not ready for it. but my 'strategy' worked! i figured if i ran at a slower pace at the start i'd have enough strength to clear the obstacles fast and run the last lap. WHEEEEE~
    watched confessions of a shopaholic earlier today. i'm quite surprised i enjoyed it! even though i was convinced before watching it'd be a good show having read reviews about it online. it was superrrr hilarious! and still it taught life lessons too. i think anyone who watches it, be it a guy, kid or elderly, would enjoy it just as much! so go watch it! =)

    chris was reminiscing @ | 4/04/2009 10:59:00 pm

    ~.* innocence *.~

    Saturday, March 14, 2009

    *[[ 13 ]]*

    13 more weeks to ORD! and it's friday the 13th for the 2nd mth in a row! cool huh? ben kok says it's gonna happen again in 13 years! haha!
    anw, I'VE BOUGHT MY PC!! after almost 2 years of surviving on my bro's during the weekends i've decided to get my own especially since it was the IT SHOW today. and the crowds were HUGE! gah and i actually thought there'd be less ppl since it wasn't a weekend. NOT! i think i've said about a thousand 'excuse me's and 'sorry's while pulling my lenovo pc, lenovo lcd monitor, and a canon printer that came free, through the crowd. i never wanna do that again! but i guess it was worth it; my pc rocks! it's got face recog and i don't have to enter my password to log on anymore! haha the specs are pretty good too; quad core, ddr3 3GB, 640GB HDD and a 22" full HD monitor! but it wasn't cheap though! haha.
    anws i had quite the loooongest week. monday was spent at jodin's where he cooked steak for us! YUM! and we played cards and 'settlers of catan' (which i'm itching to play again!). tues wasn't much; went to northpoint with robert and qi min. weds was spent watching "push", which i enjoyed actually, even though the ratings aren't good. it's kinda similar to "heroes" but they have their differences. on thurs i went rockclimbing! with lydia and tere. lydia was the only who could belay us tho so only tere and i climbed. wow i can't believe its been a decade since i last rockclimbed! thoroughly enjoyed it! thanks lyd! tml's gonna be a long day too! heading to the beach in the morn and then to NUS to watch 'the fire fight' perform! can't wait!
    i guess its been a really fruitful week! haha i've never had a whole week off from camp except after POP. but the only bad thing about this week is, I SPENT A LOT!! AHHHHHH! =X

    chris was reminiscing @ | 3/14/2009 12:27:00 am

    ~.* innocence *.~

    Sunday, March 01, 2009

    *[[ a weird dream | the long week ahead ]]*

    somehow i've been having dreams about driving which somehow always ends in me crashing into a tree or smth. funny why i've never blogged about it before when it's happened so many times already; 5 at least? all of them different scenes too. the one i had earlier this week was me driving away from terrorists who were plotting smth and i was escaping (to tell on them i suppose?) and somehow ended up driving into a tree. hmmm.

    anw it's finally here. atec stage 2. the last outfield! (not quite actually) but it sucks that it eats into the weekend and even post maintenence is also done on sunday and monday. crud. and tues morning i've got SOC training cos i didn't pass the last time (by TWO seconds arghhhhh). double crud. anw i just hope this week goes by quick. and hope it doesn't rain too heavily. sigh.

    chris was reminiscing @ | 3/01/2009 08:15:00 pm

    ~.* innocence *.~

    Thursday, February 19, 2009

    *[[ i can see the light... NOT! ]]*

    4 more months! sounds short right? hell no! things just keep cropping up when they shouldn't and we can't relax like we should! all of a sudden, we're to be activated for an entire 48 hours on our precious weekends! seriously how f-ed up can those higher ups be to plan this? they just HAD to burn our weekends. argh. i wish i could elaborate but i think i'd prolly end up in court if i do hahaha.. hmm. i just wish time could fly by a lil faster. esp for this month. and the next too! ATEC! urgh.
    i miss my days in poly. esp my mates in band and esp perc.. i really enjoyed those days! makes me wanna study in poly again! hahaha nahh i'm not that crazy.
    anw. i've thought about it long and hard and i've decided i'll study teaching! i don't really wanna do lab work, office work or any other mundane stuff. i figured teaching will be fun, interacting with the students and working with them. oh well, i'll see how it goes.

    chris was reminiscing @ | 2/19/2009 06:19:00 pm

    ~.* innocence *.~